Saturday, December 15, 2012

Don't Know the Man That's Living In My Head...

It's been a stressful time around here, which is why you've seen so little updating around these parts. I've been, to use lack of a better term, right straight out with work. Just been working so hard with everything that I'm doing and that with the workouts on top of it, I really haven't had any time to update anything else.

As it stands, with that amount of stress I've had a pretty good amount of time to reflect on where I am, who I am, and what I stand for. It's where the title of this post comes from: it's a really odd place to be, seeing just how confused and lost that I've been a lot of the time. Who is this person, who knows what it is he's looking for, who's confident, who's sure of what it is he wants to do with his life, etc. When did he show up?

It's been a process, for sure. I've learned an awful lot about myself through my work and life experiences. Of course, I look back on certain things (e.g., some of the relationships I had with people in college) and wish that I had been a better person then. But without the hurt that came from them, I highly doubt that I'd be the person who I am today. Sometimes, I suppose, you need the hard lesson in order to understand. And in my case, it's taken a few times to figure it out.

Now, with all the rambling psycho-babble out of the way...

Some updates to share!

  • Bike Front: Looks like I'll be riding again at some point around the first of 2013. (So long as the world doesn't end between now and then.) Just in time for Friday Night Fights to begin again. That'll be a perfect re-introduction to cycling, right? All out efforts trying to hold myself in from vomiting will be a great way back in.
  • The Running Event: If you work at all in the specialty running channel, this is a MUST DO event. Such a great time in Austin, Texas getting to see new product, get great ideas, etc. Just a phenomenal learning experience. Any event that includes people saying, "we provide alcohol for free because, as we all know, a drunk buyer is a happy buyer" is usually going to be a good time.
  • Revolution3 Update: Still looks like the 2013 schedule is going to happen as planned. Team summit to meet our phenomenal sponsors in January, and then races in May, June, August, September, and November to cap it all off.
  • Swimming Update: Completely changing my swim stroke. If it's broke, you might as well scrap it all and start from scratch. The good news? My shoulder feels great. The bad news? I'm still slower than a sloth.
  • Ski Season Update: Looks like it'll be kicking off on Monday!
Still have product reviews forthcoming: some Pearl Izumi gear, etc.

Now to start blogging with frequency...