Thursday, February 10, 2011

Announcing Tri-ing Harder for Cancer Research

I am happy to announce that I am officially using this year's triathlon season to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, also known as LIVESTRONG.

As utilized previously here on the blog, I'll be using the press conference style question-and-answer session here to clarify and detail how and why I have chosen to raise money for LIVESTRONG.

You are correct to point out that in my December entry, I would only be raising money for Rev3. However, one of the main reasons I had chosen Timberman for my other 70.3 race this year was because it is the closest location for my family, and I believe that the race embodies the spirit of my late father-in-law.

Wait, weren't you going to race via charity entry to Rev3? What gives?
To make a long story short: Rev3 was associated with the V Foundation for cancer research. For this season, though, the charity slots at their races are not associated with the V Foundation, but instead the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. Although I feel that the Ulman Fund is indeed a worthy cause for many people, it is only designed to help people between the ages of 15-40. That wouldn't have helped out my father-in-law. Therefore, I decided to raise money for a different charity that would.

So how are you entering Rev3 Quassy?
God. Bless. Tax. Refunds.

What are you doing to raise money? How can someone help?
There are two different options to help. A person can decide to contribute to my personal fundraising page. Alternatively, if one wishes to join in by racing this season in triathlon, there is a collective team as well. Please e-mail me if you have questions about joining Tri-ing Harder.

As you are probably more than well aware, LIVESTRONG was founded by Lance Armstrong following his own battle with cancer. It is his enduring spirit to crusade against cancer, to make battles like Peter's, or Jim Valvano's, or anybody else's battles, eventually unnecessary. It drives me to race under their banner.

So what's your next step with this project?
My fundraising pages are linked above. And now it's time to put the nose to the grindstone, and compete to the best of my ability.

Are you racing under Team LIVESTRONG?
No, I will not. As stated previously, I am sponsored by Team Sports Bistro. I will more often than not be seen in The Sustainable Athlete team colors as well, as the embodying spirit of relying on an athlete's intuition, leaving a small footprint on the planet, and striving for your best is one I feel matches with Peter's.

Training updates to give?
Training is going along quite well. In week 4 of my training program. Feeling much faster through the swim, as I feel I have unlocked a big key in swimming. To share bluntly, slow = smooth = fast. I'll leave you to ponder on that for the time being.

I'm also still dialing in the bike fit, as we're changing the stem on Kermit to bring the base bar a little closer to my body. As an aside, if anybody is looking for a 100 mm stem with a 26 mm base bar clamp...let me know. At any rate, I'm definitely feeling strong so far. That sound you hear is me knocking on wood as we chat.

Thank you for your time today. Any parting words?
Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. And always, tri harder.

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