Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Team Tri-Harder Update

Shameless admission: I'm having a very hard time right now.

A year ago, I was dropping my second class from my schedule because I had torn a ligament in my thumb. A year ago on March 25th, I was having a surgery on my hand. And a year ago, I had the floor drop out from underneath me, as the diagnosis hit home.

As you can probably tell from the logo above, that diagnosis wasn't mine. But I still feel that punch to the chest. It hasn't left. It probably won't. It never dulls. Instead, it becomes a piece of you. Another scar. Another ache.

That is what brought me to form Team Tri Harder for Cancer Research, and to fundraise for LIVESTRONG. This is what has brought me here, today, to say:

I need your help in this fight. I need your help to make it so that nobody else has to carry this same pain with them, and to make sure that cancer becomes the next polio, or smallpox: something that used to define us, but is eradicated from impacting us in the same way.

I'd also like to thank the early donors: Ton Chookhare, "Irish" Matt Young, Mary Anne Giordano, Marion Van Loon, and Rose and Sam Thompson. I'd also like to thank fellow team member Tara Vetrone for joining. (She's also raising money for her bid to race in Maine's Tri for a Cure...so help there, too!)

So please, do what you can. Either sign-up to race and fundraise, or please donate. The links are below.

Live every moment.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Part II of Tracking Your Training coming this week. Also going to have a note on swimming stroke, based on my experience in the water this week.

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