Thursday, December 29, 2011

Question-and-Answer: Rev3 Coaching

Exciting news round the CTB offices these days, as Revolution3 is launching training programs, from Olympic distance to full (read: iron-distance) triathlons!

As usual with these types of announcements, we'll be going with the question-and-answer approach. Time to put on the reporter hat...

What is Rev3 Coaching?
This will be a group coaching approach, featuring a month-to-month training program, access to private member forums, webinars, on-course training days, advanced course and race information before the general public, equipment tips, and much more!

Group coaching? So, if I'm not local, I can't train with them, right?
Wrong! This is a satellite approach. There will be local group events where there are Rev3 events, but this is also meant for the athlete who is going to a destination event and can't make it to a group meet-up. This is also why there's the private member forum, so you'll be able to ask questions of your fellow athletes, as well as members and staff of Team Rev3/Rev3Tri.

How does this compare with my local training group (e.g., the Maine Training Academy)?
They're similar, but definitely different, and will have different appeals to different people.

The Rev3 Group Coaching approach would be more for the athlete who, say, can't attend weekly events, but still want to be part of a group and have the knowledge that others are trying the same thing that they are.

The Maine Running Academy, meanwhile, has a decidedly local flair to it: swims on Mondays, bikes on Wednesday, running on Thursday, all out of the Portland Maine Running Company location. It's also a smaller community.

Either program will help get you to the finish line, and has the benefit of having other people there to support you. I guess the best way to look at it would be: can you make it to weekly training nights, or do you need a more flexible schedule? The answer to this question will probably dictate where you need to go.

Also know that the Rev3 Coaching service is a shorter block of training: 16 weeks for the Olympic training plan, 20 weeks for a half-Rev (70.3) program, and 24 weeks to go 140.6. The Maine Running Academy has started now, and will run all the way until the end of September. So if you need more base work with a group, it'd be wise to get into the MRA. Yesterday. But if you have an established base, and you answered "flexible" above or you don't live anywhere near Portland, ME: the Rev3 route is looking pretty smart.

How does this compare with what Doug, Denise, and Mike do with The Sustainable Athlete?
Well, it doesn't.

The Rev3 Coaching and Maine Running Academy are group coaching approaches. Although Carole (the professional athlete behind the Rev3 Coaching service) and The Sustainable Athlete crew can do some modification of a large group program for you, they are at their heart group coaching.

If you require more personalized coaching to work with, then I'd highly recommend The Sustainable Athlete folks. They're good people. And really, really good coaches.

Do you need to be racing a Rev3 race to use the coaching service?
No! Not at all! Although the coaching fees do include a discount for a Rev3 race (more on that in a minute), if your race schedule has a specific distance event close nearby, you can use this as a rough sketch for training for that event.

So, how much is it?
That depends on the length of the program/race. There is a flat $200 initiation fee per program, and then it is $50 a month for the remaining program.

Olympic program: $200 + 4 x $50 (4 months) = $400
HalfRev program: $200 + 5 x $50 (5 months) = $450
FullRev program: $200 + 6 x $50 (6 months) = $500

Note that there is a discount if you pay in full up front of 10% off, making the programs $360, $405, and $450, respectively.

Also note that you can pay your initiation fee, and then pay month-to-month when the program actually begins. As an example, the halfRev race in Old Orchard Beach is in August. The training program for that race begins on April 9th. So you could pay $450 now, up front, or pay $200 now, and then start $50/month in April.

So, what do I get for my money?
Well, you get all of the coaching and group support, plus a Rev3Tri training kit, $25 your entry to a Rev3 race of your choice, and sponsor goodies!

When do these programs start?
Depends on the race!

Knoxville, TN: January 16th for both HalfRev and Olympic (16 weeks)
Quassy, CT: January 16th for HalfRev, February 13 for Olympic
Portland, OR: February 20 for HalfRev, March 19 for Olympic
Wisconsin Dells: March 26 for HalfRev, April 23 for Olympic
Old Orchard Beach, ME: April 9 for HalfRev, May 7 for Olympic
Cedar Point, OH: March 26 for FullRev, April 23 for HalfRev
Anderson, SC: May 28 for HalfRev, June 25 for Olympic
Sarasota, FL: June 11 for HalfRev, July 9 for Olympic

So, what if I want to sign-up?
Shoot an e-mail to or They'll get you a registration form, waiver, etc. to get all set-up. There will be a "how you heard about the program" bit...either throw down my name, or this blog address, if that's how you heard about the program.

Based on your own experience, what would you do?
That depends on where you live, and how much coaching you feel like you need.

If you live in the Portland, ME area, and the Maine Training Academy schedule works for you, then this is a phenomenal group to join. (I mean, I work here. Come on!) But in all honesty, it's a fantastic group of people to train with.

If you don't live in the Portland, ME area, but you want group coaching, then Rev3 Coaching is the way to go. Honestly, coming from a "put together my own schedule and see what happens" approach from my first season...wish I had done something like this instead. Being stubborn is not necessarily a virtue in this endeavor.

If you live anywhere, but feel like you need a personalized schedule, or need some modification of a group schedule, then hire The Sustainable Athlete folks.

If I have questions, what should I do?
Leave a comment here, or shoot me an e-mail at (my name, all put together, one word, no spaces, not my middle name, so just the first and last together, at g mail dot com). I have to do it that way so I don't get spammed up the wazoo...

So get after it!