Friday, January 13, 2012

Team Rev3 Run Across America

Holy crap!

Yes, Team Rev3 is running across America to fundraise for the Ulman Fund, which benefits young adults with cancer. As you're more than well aware here in this space, cancer made a huge impact on my life and is part of the reason why I'm even involved in the sport of triathlon today.

A new gadget on the side of the page will be the fundraising tracker, which shows our goal of $100,000 by the end of the run.

Things kick off on Monday, March 26th, from Oceanside, CA. The run will take 21 days to complete, finishing in Washington, DC. Members of Rev3 staff and Team Rev3 will be on hand to keep plugging on miles.

To donate, please use the gadget on the right. To find out more, head on over to Rev3's Run Across America page, including times that they could use help running, etc. I'll also be posting more about a Team Matching program, whereby members of a triathlon club or team can fundraise and run virtually against the Rev3 crew. Prizes will be given to the top team!

In all, I'm honored to be a member of a group trying to do so much for charity. It really shows the character of the organization; I couldn't be luckier.


Unknown said...

I read "prizes will be given" as "pizzas will be given".. hmm maybe it's time for a snack! :)

Unknown said...

It's going to be crazy! :) You running???

Ryan said...

I won't be, unfortunately...can't take the time from work at this point in the year. Wish I could be.